Make sure it’s pretty, because I know this sentence is longer. Maybe you can put in blue “douceur”, “quality” and “professionnalisme”.

Dr Bijan

Your dentist in Saint-Jérôme

Welcome to Centre Dentaire du Nord, your Dental Clinic in Saint-Jerome. Our dentists have been offering dental care for more than 15 years now! Since our opening in 2001 at Carrefour du Nord, our clinic offers high quality dental services. Our clinic’s focus is family and cosmetic dentistry. All our staff warmly welcome patients. Our team’s aim is to offer you dental services in a relaxed and friendly environment. Each member of our team will provide you with the help you require and the attention you deserve during your appointments. As well as offering an up-to-date clinic with a tasteful interior design, we use cutting edge technology. Using the latest technology available we are able to treat our patients effectively, in a timely manner as well as in the best possible way. The wide range of dental services allow us to treat patients of all ages. You may trust our team whether it be for cleanings, cosmetic dentistry or for dental and oral health issues. We offer emergency dental services 6 days a week in order to cater to your needs as quickly as possible. Thanks to this service you no longer need to withstand pain. One quick phone call and we will book an emergency appointment for you as soon as we can. Our team shares the same values in order to provide the same outstanding care and services to each of our patients.

Respect and dedication

We treat all our patients with the respect they deserve, with no discrimination to age or oral and dental health condition. We want all our patients to feel comfortable when they come to see us. We strive to provide a non judgemental, relaxed and warm environment for our patients. We invest the same energy in all dental treatments. The most important thing to us, is to see each patient leaving the clinic with a smile on their face. Your well-being is essential to us. We wish for all our patients, an optimal oral heath!

Passionate and reputable

All team members of the Clinic Centre Dentaire du Nord are passionate about one thing : your oral health! This passion enables us to offer quality services for all our patients. We are a well recognized dental clinic in Saint-Jerome. We care deeply about helping patients obtaining and maintaining a beautiful smile. Our shared passion for dentistry pushes us to further our knowledge in order to provide our patients with highest quality dental services, using the latest technology. The world of dentistry is constantly evoloving and so are the qualifications of our dentists and our team!

New patients are welcome! We are delighted to welcome you to our clinic ! Thanks to our services, you will soon be showing off your radiant smile !

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