Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Dr Bijan and his team welcome you to the Centre Dentaire du Nord in Saint-Jerome, where they provide a wide range of dental services allowing you to show off a radiant smile you deserve

No matter what age, everyone should see a dentist on a regular basis to maintain good oral health. It is false to believe that a dental visit should only be planned when you are experiencing oral and/or dental pain or discomfort. Many oral health issues can in fact show no obvious symptoms so prevention is key.

Your dentist is the only qualified health care professionnal able to detect and diagnose an oral heath issue, even at an early stage. You can trust his expertise gained over many years of experience and training.

Routine or Periodic Oral Exams

Dental checkups, periodic orals exams, also called recall exams usually include cleanings. Brushing and flossing at home alone is not sufficient to properly clean your teeth.

Your hygenist has the necessary equipment to eliminate plaque and tartar build-up in those difficult to reach areas. Tartar forms a hard layer on your teeth and below your gum line. Only your dentist and hygenist have the appropriate equipment to eliminate tartar.

Besides from cleaning your teeth, regular exams allow the dentist to examine your mouth and teeth; and to detect any oral health issues. As mentioned previously, some oral diseases are asymptomatic. The only way to detect them is by visiting your dentist regularly for checkups. Gum disease and oral cancer are pratically invisible to an untrained eye. The earlier these are detected, the better the treatment outcome is.

These are a few reasons why periodic oral exams are very important. We advise two checkups per year, though the frequency may increase depending on your oral health.

Dental care for Children

We advise parents to bring their children to see us within 6 months of the first primary/ baby teeth erupting. During this first appointment the dentist will examine teeth and make sure there are no problems. By getting a child used to checkups and dental care at an early age, they are often more enthusiastic about oral hygiene and dental visits. Children are at high risk for developing early childhood caries. These can easily spread to other teeth and cause pain. Regular visits to the dentist will detect early cavities that can be fixed as soon as possible.

Regular checkups are important while your child is growing, allowing your health care professionnal to ensure that your child’s teeth and mouth are growing normally.

A child with healthy teeth will find it easier to chew, eat and talk as well as show better self-confidence.

At Centre Dentaire du Nord, we welcome patients of all ages for their periodic oral exams. We want your family to smile and have optimal oral health.