Crowns, bridges and prosthodontics

Crowns, bridges and prosthodontics

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It is essential to repair or replace teeth if they are damaged or missing. Besides the aesthetic reasons, replacing a missing tooth will allow the rest of your teeth to stay in their initial position and fulfill their functions; especially for chewing.

Why repair or replace missing or damaged teeth?

If you loose a tooth and do not replace it, the remaining teeth will pay the price.

The space left by the missing tooth will cause the neighbouring teeth to migrate to fill the void. This is how spaces will start appearing between teeth, where food debris will accumulate and attract bacteria that then will start to proliferate. You will be at a higher risk for developing cavities and periodontal disease.

By replacing your missing tooth or teeth, they will stay in their natural position and you will avoid further oral health consequeces. By repairing a damaged tooth you will avoid loosing and having to replace it altogether.

Our team offers many treatments options for replacing one or more missing teeth as well performimg dental restorations.


Crowns are hollow artificial teeth made in a laboratory. They are placed over a natural tooth that has been prepared to allow sufficient space for the crown to be seated correctly.

Crowns are often used to replace a missing tooth or to restore function to a tooth that has lost its natural structure. It is also an interesting way to modify the shape and color of a tooth.

Crowns can be fixed to a dental implant, a small titanium rod surgically inserted into the jaw.

Crowns play the same role as natural teeth and are a durable solution to improve their appearance as well.

These are the simple steps to placing a crown over a natural tooth that has been damaged :

  • Under local anesthetic the tooth receiving the crown is prepared and shaped sufficiently to allow space for the crown’s seating;

  • Your dentist will take an impression of the tooth requiring the crown as well as neighbouring teeth to insure the crown will fit and sit perfectly over the natural tooth;

  • While your crown is being made by a laboratory, a temporary crown will be placed until your next appointment;

  • Your dentist will then place and adjust the permanent crown in your mouth on your next appointment.


Crown and bridge are considered good options for replacing one or more missing teeth. They usually include one or more articial teeth (crowns) that are seated on natural teeth or on implants.

There are many different kinds of crowns and bridges. Their quality and price differ depending on the materials used to make them.

The protocol for making a bridge is similar to that of a crown. Impressions of the teeth receiving the bridge; as well as neighbouring teeth are taken. A temporary bridge will be placed while the permanent bridge is being made. The final stage includes inserting and making the final adjustments of the bridge.

As for natural teeth, crowns and bridges require care for them to last many years. They are now able to fulfill the same functions as natural teeth.

Contact our team if you wish to replace one or more, missing or damaged teeth. We are able to advise you about the best treatment options available to make you smile again.