Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Centre Dentaire du Nord we offer comprehensive family and cosmetic dental services for you and your family!

You don’t like to show your teeth on photos? You wish to improve your smile in order to improve your self confidence? Our team can offer you many treatment options. Whether it be to whiten your teeth to obtain a more radiant smile or to modify the shape or alignment of your teeth, you can trust us.

Come and book an appointment to discuss with us all your different treatment options! We will help you obtain and maintain the smile you have always dreamed of!

Tray Whitening Technique

Have you been disappointed by whitening strips sold in pharmacies and are now looking for an effective teeth whitening system ? At Centre Dentaire du Nord, we offer teeth whitening services with custom-made trays that you can use in the comfort of your own home by following personalized advice given by your dentist. You may whiten your teeth safely, easily and effectively.

For this technique, dentals impressions are made of your teeth. The dentist then custom makes trays to fit your teeth. At home you apply the whitening agent to the trays that you then place over your teeth and wear for an hour a day.

This whitening treatment usually takes about 2 weeks to obtain the results you desire. The dentist will explain to you how to apply the product to avoid any gum irritation. A second appointment is booked in order to check how effective the treatment was and to follow up on treatment protocol.

Lumineers Whitening (performed on dental chair)

If you are looking for a bright, white smile almost instantaneously, Lumineers whitening is for you!

This treatment takes place at the clinic and requires only one appointment. You will see optimal results in about an hour and 30 minutes. Since this treatment is performed under a dentist’s supervision, the product is much more concentrated than in-home treatments. You will see the results directly at the end of your appointment.

Lumineers whitening system entails applying a product on your teeth that are then exposed to DEL light which activates the product. These steps are repeated several times to obtain optimal results.

This is a very effective and safe treatment. This procedure is particularly popular with patients who want a whiter smile for a special occasion.

It is very important that your teeth be checked by your dentist before these whitening techniques. They need to make sure that this procedure is safe for you.


Veneers are often suggested to quickly improve the appearance of your smile. Wafer thin custom-made shells are applied to the visible part of the tooth to improve shape and color of teeth. Veneers can be made from porcelain or resin composite materials (white fillings). They can fill in spaces between natural teeth as well as modifying tooth position.

Your dentist needs to measure your teeth in order to create, choose or order perfectly fitted veneers for your teeth. An abrasive product is applied to teeth to enhance their bonding to the tooth surface.
Veneers are a durable option to improve the appearance of your smile. They can last for several years if the patient takes good care of them.


Crowns are often used to replace a missing tooth or to restore function to a tooth that has lost a lot of its natural structure. It is also an interesting way to modify the shape and color of a tooth.

Crowns are hollow artificial teeth made in a laboratory. They are placed over a natural tooth that has been prepared to allow sufficient space for the crown to be seated correctly.

For more information about crowns, please visit the crown section of our website.

Come meet Centre Dentaire du Nord’s team if you wish to improve your smile. We will able to explain to you your different options!