You can trust the Centre Dentaire du Nord’s team for the highest quality dental treatments, whether your needs be for general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or for restorative dental procedures.

A denturist is a member of the oral health care team specialized in constructing, delivering as well as, in the maintenance of removable dental protheses. There are many different kinds of removable dental protheses, whether they be partial or complete dentures.

Our Denturism services

All the dentists at Centre Dentaire du Nord have the necessary qualifications and skill set in constructing, delivering as well as in the maintenance of removable dental protheses. We have however chosen a denturist for our clinic, who’s training will allow you to obtain your perfect smile.

Initial consultations with our denturist are free! You will be able to make a well informed decision once you have understood all the different treatment options you have; as well as their advantages and inconveniences.

Here are a few of the main removable dental protheses options we offer in our clinic :

Removable complete dentures

Also refered to as full dentures, they replace all missing teeth on the upper or/and lower jaw. The denture’s gums are made from acrylic resin and the teeth are either made out of the same material or ceramic.

These dentures are removable and require very little maintenance. We advice you to remove them while sleeping.

They are constructed using oral impressions and measurements taken by our dentists or denturist. The dentures are custom made to fit perfectly over your gums and the teeth imitatating natural teeth.

Removable partial dentures

This type of denture replaces one or more missing teeth.

These dentures are similiar to full dentures and can be easily removed to clean them. They are fabricated after dental impressions and measurements are taken to insure a perfect fit.

They are usually made from acrylic resin and metal. Hooks are added to allow the denture to stay nicely in place, these can also be made of resin or metal.

Implant supported dentures

These denutres are similar to full dentures by the fact that they replace all missing teeth on the upper or/and lower jaw.

Implant supported dentures are recommended when regular removable dentures lack stability or simply to increase a patient’s comfort. Implants, small metal titanium rods, are placed in the jaw where the teeth used to be, in order to hold the denture in place.

There are many different techniques used to install implants. These vary depending on the patient’s bone quantity and quality.

Come and meet Centre Dentaire du Nord’s team if you are looking for an effective and long term solution for replacing your missing tooth or teeth.We will be able to explain to you and advise you about all your different treatment options.